Analysis of current contracts, brokering and investment advice. I provide comprehensive tailor-made solutions.

Comprehensive Financial Advice

By analysing your financial portfolio and choosing the right combination of financial products, we will work together to save your money and
make the most out of your assets.

Analysis of Current Contracts
Analysis of Current Contracts

Many contracts you concluded a few years ago are now disadvantageous.

Mortgage, insurance and cavings
I will compare your contracts with the current offer on the market and amend them to your advantage – not to the advantage of the bank or the insurance company. not to the advantage of the bank or the insurance company.

I cooperate with all banks and insurance companies operating in Slovakia. I monitor not only their current offers, but also legislation and macroeconomic developments. As market conditions are constantly changing, my job is to ensure that your financial products are up-to-date and profitable.

financial plan
Financial plan

You have different priorities at every stage of your life. With the first job comes the need for a car, with a wedding comes thefirst house and with a child comes the school costs.

Planned but also unexpected events made easy thanks to my professional advice.

I will prepare a tailor-made financial plan suiting the future you imagined. I will continue to accompany you through your life and relieve you of your responsibilities so you can live the life you want.

First aid

Have you found a new apartment, house, plot of land? I will calculate how much you can afford to borrow and where you can get the most advantageous mortgage.

CInterested in insurance? The insurance policy will reflect the risks you really face.

Are you looking for investment opportunities? I will show you the most suitable short-term, medium-term and long-term variants.

You don't have to visit banks, insurance companies, or look for options on the Internet.
I will compare all the offers on the market and recommend a solution that suits your requirements and needs the best.

Financial Intermediation

The offer of my services is rich. I offer broker services in the following areas.

Tailor-Made Mortgage

I will tell you what conditions you have to meet if you want to apply for a mortgage in Slovakia and how much you can afford to borrow. As I work with all banks, I can negotiate the best price on the market and simplify the entire process. You don't have to go anywhere, you can sign the application in the comfort of your home and leave all the associated problems to me. I will ensure that the process of arranging a mortgage is quick and as simple as possible. With me, you will get a tailor-made mortgage.

Family Insurance

Life is full of unexpected situations and I will help you prepare for them. I am familiar with the portfolio of all insurance companies. I process offers from all insurance companies and I know that an insurance claim payment often stands or falls on one tiny detail. I will explain to you what risks you face and what insurance will provide you with a sufficient financial support in difficult times.


We will look together at what amount of pension the state guarantees you and whether you consider it sufficient. Together, we will draw up a pension scheme that suits your needs the best thanks to a wide portfolio of investment products.
I will also help you find your way around the offer of old-age pension insurance companies, including the investments in the 2nd and 3rd pension pillar.


Whether you are saving up for retirement or college fees for your child, our common goal is to maximize the return on your investment. Be sure that I will provide the right solution. If you already have a savings-investment product, I will thoroughly analyse it and calculate your future returns to make sure you don't waste your money and time.

Insurance of the House, Apartment

Home and real estate insurance is special. I will review your contract in detail and compare it with the best products available on the market I will assess the conditions of individual insurance companies and together we will choose the solution that suits your ideas and needs the best.

Car Insurance

Those who have experience with a car accident will confirm that the choice of car insurance really matters. Whether it is mandatory motor vehicle insurance or motor vehicle accident insurance, we will choose the right insurance for your vehicle. In this case, the price is not the only aspect that matters – we will also pay attention to the conditions triggered by the insured event.