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Life insurance Slovakia

Life insurance – which risks should it cover?

The biggest challenge relating to the current life insurance offers of insurance companies is their immense quantity. There is a wide range of…

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One-time investment vs. regular investment

Many clients who approach me with the intention to invest have saved up a long-term reserve in their bank account which they do not intend to spend …

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Pension in Slovakia

Pension - Employee vs. Entrepreneur

The Slovak pension scheme is based on three separate pillars. Mandatory public pillar (1st pillar), old-age pension saving system (2nd pillar) and …

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Mortgage for SZČO - self-employed Person

How do banks assess the income of self-employed individuals (SZČO) in terms of a mortgage application? Is it necessary to pay high taxes? What …

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Hypotéka pre cudzincov

Mortgage requirements for Expats

Banks can and do lend to foreigners as well. However, the conditions are stricter compared to local nationals and are internally set by each bank. …

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What is a mortgage cross-sell?

Over the past few years, banks’ revenues from mortgages have been on the decrease. It is due to an intense competition between banks as well as the …

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hypotéka na Slovensku

Mortgage in Slovakia - general requirements

As far as applications for a loan product (including mortgage loans) are concerned, each bank has its own (internal) methodology, while being …

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About me

It is important that clients consult their financial needs with a professional. Naturally, I have licenses valid in all banking sectors and my business partners are all the banks and insurance companies operating in Slovakia. Therefore, I am able to choose the most suitable product for my clients.

My recommendations are based on facts and statistics, not assumptions. I provide comprehensive financial solutions. I help people make money, protect their assets and help build future they have always imagined. 

Based on law 186/2009 about financial mediation and advisory I am an independent financial agent. I receive a commission from the financial institution whose product we contract. Consultation and financial broker services are free of charge.

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