One-time investment vs. regular investment

Many clients who approach me with the intention to invest have saved up a long-term reserve in their bank account which they do not intend to spend …

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Pension - Employee vs. Entrepreneur

The Slovak pension scheme is based on three separate pillars. Mandatory public pillar (1st pillar), old-age pension saving system (2nd pillar) and …

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Mortgage for SZČO - self-employed Person

How do banks assess the income of self-employed individuals (SZČO) in terms of a mortgage application? Is it necessary to pay high taxes? What …

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Mortgage requirements for Expats

Banks can and do lend to foreigners as well. However, the conditions are stricter compared to local nationals and are internally set by each bank. …

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What is a mortgage cross-sell?

Over the past few years, banks’ revenues from mortgages have been on the decrease. It is due to an intense competition between banks as well as the …

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Mortgage in Slovakia - general requirements

As far as applications for a loan product (including mortgage loans) are concerned, each bank has its own (internal) methodology, while being …

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